”Adecco encouraged my ambition to be an Olympian”


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Keith Ricks

Sedan mer än tio år tillbaka samarbetar Adecco med IOC, Internationella Olympiska Kommittéen om olympiers karriärer efter idrotten där vi bland annat erbjuder Athlete Career Programme. En av de olympier som har tagit del av programmet, och som vid sidan av idrottskarriären jobbar på Adecco i USA, är sprintern Keith Ricks. Här berättar han om sitt arbete, vad Adecco betytt för karriären och om sina förväntningar inför OS i Rio 2016.

You’re employed by Adecco, could you describe what you do and what the job itself means to you?

– I work with the Global Athlete Career Programme Team. My role is to provide support to the global team with both the IPC and IOC ACP primarily in their communications and marketing efforts. The IOC ACP Forum in Lima, Peru was by far one of the greatest learning experiences of my internship.  I gained experience in event planning, event management, public speaking, and met many people from around the world that were a part of the ACP. I’m interested in working in sports marketing after my athletic career. My internship has been a great opportunity to gain experience in the field and learn from some great mentors such as Patrick Glennon and Lilian Furrer.

Has the fact that you are employed by Adecco had any impact on your ambition to be an Olympian?

– It actually encouraged my ambition to be an Olympian. Through my experience with Adecco I have met many Olympic gold medalist and even world record holders. Meeting these athletes and learning about their story only makes me want to accomplish my dreams even more. I had the opportunity to meet Frank Fredericks, 4-time Olympic Silver medalist and current world record holder, at the IOC ACP Forum in Peru. He had always been a role model of mine since we run the same events and even offered some tips for training and competition!

What are your expectations on the Olympics this year?

–  My main goal is to make the Olympic team. The sprints events are very competitive so my first and primary goal is to make the team. Afterwards medals and more accomplishments can be thought about but until then my first goal is to gain my spot to compete in Rio.

Considering you’ve taken part of Adecco’s ACP-Programme – what would you say is the most important lesson?

– I would say the most important lesson is to set goals in all areas of your life. It’s important to set not only athletic goals but also set goals in career, education, and personal life. As athletes we are extremely driven to accomplish goals. Once we set any goal it’s only a matter of time before we accomplish that goal or at minimum give it everything we have to make it work and find some success. Setting goals in all areas would ensure a balanced approach and success will soon follow.

If you could elevator pitch the ACP to your fellow Olympians in Sweden – what would you say?

– I would tell them to go find their passion and look for a career in their passion. If sport is a passion that they never want to be away from, coaching or sports business could be an option. If their interest lies outside of sports there are many options in those fields as well. But the first thing is to have an idea what your passion is and start building on that passion.

Last but not least – will USA win the race for the medals during the Olympics in Rio and how would your expertise predict Sweden’s number of medals?

  • I believe so! Go Team USA! It’s hard to predict how many medals team Sweden will win. Either way I wish all the countries the best of luck at the Olympic Games! I look forward to hopefully having the opportunity to compete against the very best athletes in the world!